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Last updated on Sunday, February 3, 2002


Most of my spare time seems to be spent slaving at the computer trying to get this web site finished or editing the ever growing backlog of videos and photos

Away from the computer my main relaxation is to get out on the bike. First there's a decision to be made on which bike - a choice of six and counting. There's the road bike, the fixed wheel bike (built from my 21st birthday present), the full suspension mountain bike for hardcore offroad, the front suspension for lighter duties (upgraded from my 40th birthday present) and the fully rigid mountain bike. And then there is the tandem for going out with a friend.

Once a year I get to indulge in my other main sport of skiing. The trouble with skiing is its getting increasingly difficult to keep up with Kathy and Gemma, who've been skiing since they were four. You can hear my old knees groaning in response to "Let's go through the trees Dad" What happened to all this ageing with dignity stuff?

To warm up after there's nothing like diving in warm waters. None of this "turning blue with cold, can't see you hand in front of you" British hard man diving. If the water's not warm enough to dive in a t-shirt and trunks forget it. The Caribbean, Seychelles and Maldives suit us down to the ground. Sue wields the Nikonos and I take either the video camera or more recently the marvellous little Olympus digital camera in its dive housing.

In what little time is left over I run Southampton University's commercialisation office dealing with spin out companies and technology transfer. After 15 years of being an entrepreneur involved in starting three successful companies, its time hang up the airline gold cards and contribute my experience while others put in the 100 hour weeks.

A good timewaster for a summer's Sunday afternoon
(watching not driving that is!)

Mountain biking with friends in Calderdale

Road cycling - the Double Century

Camping touring with the tandems in Switzerland

Skiing Whistler Bowl in British Columbia

Diving in Grand Cayman


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