Moss Side Farm

Last Updated April 26, 2003

Moss Side Farm is our holiday base in Lancashire with the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the beaches of the Fylde Coast within easy reach. Tony finds it an ideal base for going mountain biking although the immediate vicinity is totally devoid of bridleways.
The back garden
Family gathering
The farm was Tony's parent's home which they ran as a smallholding when Tony's father retired. They are buried just the other side of the wall in the churchyard where they can keep an eye on us to make sure we look after it properly
Tony's sister comes over to stay every October, a tradition started when Tony's parents were alive, Another tradition is that those two weeks always turn out to be foul weather. Still a good book and a steaming mug of tea in front of the Aga is all you need.
The pond and church
Stanley and Mr Singleton keep the gardens looking nice and the place looked after - the grounds extend to about 5 acres. Kathy and Gemma look forward though to the chance to use the ride on mower. One is usually mowing with the other walking alongside waiting for their turn. Its a good job there's enough grass to go round.
The Orchard in Spring


Kathy mowing the meadow