Hong Kong Weekend

September 2003

Hotel rooftop swimming pool
Hotel Room View of Hong Kong Harbour
Downtown with IFC Bldg and Victoria Peak behind
The Star Ferry - a great 20p's worth
On the Star Ferry
Nightime Central from Victoria Peak



The beginnings...

It started on the way to the York cycle rally. Tony read an item in the Sunday Times about attracting tourists back to post-SARS Hong Kong and a quick phone call home later Sue was on the internet booking a long weekend holiday in Hong Kong for Tony's birthday. Others were obviously also reading the Times as flights were disappearing in front of the early birds' eyes.

So it was that two months later on a Thursday evening we were climbing aboard a Cathay Pacific flight for a long weekend in Hong Kong

For Kathy and Gemma it was their first trip to Asia and an opportunity to experience a new culture. For Tony and Sue it was the first time back since the return of Hong Kong to China and a chance to find out how things had changed (which seemed to be not much). The landing into the new Hong Kong International Airport was a world apart from the now closed Kai Tak Airport in downtown Hong Kong with its approach between apartment blocks before a quick 180 at the end of the runway and touch down

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Jumbo Floating Restaurant, Aberdeen Harbour
Choosing Birdcages, Bird Market
"Scary Meal" in Sok Kwu Wan
Sok Kwu Wan lunch
Not how they caught lunch