Hong Kong Weekend

Kowloon and Aberdeen

September 2003

Hotel rooftop swimming pool
Norman Foster's HSBC Building
The Star Ferry - a great 20p's worth
Flower Market
Kowloon bike shop
Moon Festival Meal



Saturday morning was blue skies and sunshine. It was up early for a quick swim in the rooftop pool before rattling into town to catch the world famous Star Ferry to Kowloon. The subway then whisked us off for a visit to the Flower Market on our way to the Bird Market, now relocated from its old street site. With small apartments, small songbirds make ideal pets and the Bird Market is where they are sold with the beautiful bamboo cages. The plan was to get a cage for our Japanese electronic tweety birds that sit and chirp on the side at home. Three cage purchases later together with some artificial birds and a choice of feed and water bowls, we headed off with back with purchases via the streets of Kowloon.

Back at the hotel and refreshed we set off up a big sequence of escalators climbing up the hillside alongside a set of very tall modern residential tower blocks. At the top was the main road and the bus stop for Aberdeen. Half an hour later we were walking through the shopping streets on our way to Aberdeen Harbour and its famous floating restaurants. The town and harbour had changed dramatically since our last visit. Gone was most of the floating town in the harbour replace by rank upon rank of high rise apartment blocks. Just a few token house junks lay tied up in the harbour. A free shuttle took us out to the massive Jumbo Restaurant in the middle of the harbour. Sue had spotted details of a special autumn moon festival meal in a brochure but it was some time before it dawned on the patient staff what we wanted. Confusion sorted, it was a memorable meal and an introduction to some strange foods that challenged Kathy and Gemma but which they took in their stride.

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Tram into town
IFC Building & Star Ferry
On the Star Ferry
Choosing birdcages, Bird Market
Floating Restaurant, Aberdeen
Jumbo Restaurant